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ТЕМА: the girl chose the cheapest means of transportation

the girl chose the cheapest means of transportation 4 мес. 1 нед. назад #1

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There was a boy who was poor but talented and handsome. There was custom necklaces a girl who was young, beautiful and rich. They are in love.

Unequal love personalized necklace met everyone's objection, and the girl's father was furious. So they chose to run away.

After more than a month, the money had been wasted. Boys get stuck in job interviews, and their tempers get bigger and bigger, and so-called talents turn into nagging complaints. The love , which is the only wealth they can consume, also became suspicious.
Two months later, when they were at the end of their journey, the girl received an email from her mother.Dear child, as a gift for your first trip, mother remitted ten thousand dollars to your bank card.Mother has been young, no matter how you are now, now that you have chosen, go forward. But, mom wants you to leave a ticket for yourself, and you can go home when you are hurt.

The girl's tears fell down.
Six months later, the girl appeared in the doorway, waiting for her, the warm embrace of her mother. name necklace This is a mother's victory. She accepted a young and wounded heart with costume jewelry tolerance and experience. The man's name will be erased from his daughter's life.

But, https://www.lovmer.com mother did not know, daughter have their own perseverance even in the most difficult days. In the deteriorating economic situation and emotional life, ten thousand dollars is slowly consumed.

The girl listened to her mother's command and left two thousand dollars for her ticket. But, in the mental torment, the ticket is replaced by the train ticket, the train ticket is replaced by the bus ticket.

Finally, with three hundred dollars left, the girl chose the cheapest means of transportation, and finally came home after three days of tossing and turning.

These are girls' private wealth. She will not tell her mother. Perhaps in the future, she will also have her own daughter. Her daughter is also rebellious and dreamy like her. She will also remitted ten thousand dollars to her daughter like her mother did, and then told her, "Mother has been young too."

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